illustrator Seri Hano


What is CruXpark

そんな2つの単語を掛け合わせた造語で、 小さくてもキラキラ輝き人々の目印となる存在を意味します。


羽野 瀬里




Seri Hano

Seri Hano was born in Osaka Japan 1978.
She has been living in Kyoto since she was 7 years old in 1985.She has been working as a 3D illustrator at the Product Design office of the CONCEPT HOUSE in Kameoka, Japan since 2003.

She has been working as an artist for over 10 years.She has participated in various art festival in New Zealand,The Affordable Art Fair in Sydney and Melbourne, The Art Expo in New York and The Earth by Heart Exhibition in Tokyo.

She has won several awards, notably the TAGBOAT Award,Tokyo Earth Workers Collection Award and won first prize at the Colors To Go exhibition in Taiwan.

She often commutes between Japan and Australia and is interested in nature’s relationship people and it’s need for conservation but also it’s vivid colors and patterns such as wild flowers and birds.

Her art is often inspired by scenes she’s witness while traveling which has led her to the confluence of textile patterns of Japanese, Western and African styles.

She is interested in spreading western attitudes of art to Japan and also Japanese sensibility of harmony and balance with nature to western audiences.

As of November 1st 2017, She has unveiled her own home wear brand “ CruXpark”.

For further updates please refer to the website at "" and her home wear brand site at "http://cruxpark.jP"